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Head Numerologist is a professional quality numerology software based on Chaldean,Pythagorean and Kabbalah number theories. The software helps you to achieve a variety of objectives and benefits: # You learn about yourself and inner workings of your mind through the complete forecast report. This raises your level of self awareness regarding your strengths and the need to overcome your challenge areas. # You receive effective remedies to help you overcome your difficulties. # You receive yearly, monthly and daily forecast which helps you decide about your future course of action. # You can select the most auspicious name for your baby, children, yourself and your spouse. # You select the most favourable name and number for your company, brand name, business name, house name, vehicle number, house number, registration number and just about any other name and or number significant for you. # You select the most favourable place in the world where you can live and work happily or even visit temporarily. # You learn about your compatibility with your partner - business, marriage or other. With understanding of your personal numbers, you work towards establishing better rapport with your important relationships like parents, children, friends & colleagues. # You have numerology tools to get answer to your question, find your lucky lottery number, find your lost object. The program features: Database management to add, edit & delete records of persons, names, locations; user-defined alphabet values option; edit reports with external text editor; any name / number compatibility tool; customization options, remedial measures, numerical horoscope. New in this version: 64 bits compatibility, Forecast for expression, desire & intimate numbers & cornerstone; analysis of repetition of numbrers in a name; reveals calculation method for numbers; Powerful freeware: No date range limitation & No expiry.

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